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The Boarding School

Programmes beyond the four- and six-year training in the grammar school and the hall of residence:

  • higher level training in all subjects (11th-12th grades),
  • environmental training (a one-week field work in the forest, 7th-9th grade),
  • foreign languages in increased number of lessons (7th-12th grades),
  • extra curricular activities (drama club, choir, photo club, wood carving, pottery class, drawing, mental hygienic class, horse riding),
  • sports activities: tennis, volleyball, basketball, football, gymnastics on apparatus, swimming,
  • free time activities: hiking (Pilis, Börzsöny, Gerecse), going to the theatre, visiting museums.


The grammar school provides students completing their teacher training course at Pázmány Péter Catholic University with the opportunity to do their teaching practice in the grammar school.

The pupils are provided three or four days breaks monthly, as well as longer holidays in autumn, at Christmas and Easter. They are offered to spend a week skiing abroad in winter in the form of a school excursion.

The pupils come from all parts of the country, with different habits and with cultural and linguistic diversities. Also, Hungarian children from outside the country’s current borders enrich our community.






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